Pattaya - a city of contrasts, sunny Thai resort

The famous resort in Thailand is Pattaya. It is on the east coast of the country. It is considered one of the popular resorts of its time.
Its mild climate and some exotic just can not leave anyone indifferent. The climate of this magical city is very tangible. When you spend months in the city, where the hum of machines and the constant can envelop your everyday life, breaking into the exotic of the Asian town of Pattaya, you realize that there is a paradise. Here you can dive into the fabulous world of colors, enjoy massage, spa treatments. In addition, you can perfectly relax by trying underwater sports.

Pattaya Pattaya Bay

What are the beaches here?

The most popular place here is the coast of the Gulf of Thailand. It is impossible not to notice the local wonderful beauty and different in quality of service beaches. Service pleases. And the atmosphere on the beaches is very pleasant and calm.
If your vacation is directly connected with the family, then a good option will be the northern part of Pattaya. The beaches here are very quiet and clean. Hotels have an excellent service, which includes security and very pleasant to "taste" restaurants, the menu of which includes both European and Asian cuisine. Provided medical services and interpreters.

Pattaya The Pattaya Bay from the Siam @ Siam Design Hotel Pattaya
If you are young and active, then an excellent offer will be a holiday in Pattaya Beach. The main venue is considered to Pattaya Beach. There's no time to relax. Sleepless nights and endless adrenaline are provided for you. Many beaches offer activities. It offers sports, water contests and parties that last from night until morning.
The resort provides for children's playgrounds, where the teacher spends time with the kids. It is very convenient, if parents need to go somewhere for a short time or go away. Children will not be bored at this time.

Pattaya Pattaya Beach

About Attractions

To see the sights of the resort town, you can use two methods. In the first case, you can do to get around them. To do this, you need a map. In many hotels you can rent a car and also you can hire in a third-party company. A good option is to rent a car with the driver. If you want to get the most from the sightseeing, you can use the services of our company to organize sightseeing tours with a guide.

Pattaya Wat Yan

One of the most beautiful places is Wat Yan. It is a large temple complex, which includes a large number of small lakes, Thai and Chinese temples, small parks. It is located 20 kilometers from the city. This temple complex is full of many legends. This sacred place can be visited without paying a cent.

Pattaya Golden Buddha Mountain
Just need to follow certain rules. They are necessary when visiting temples. If you are a European, then try to take these rules into consideration. Because to show respect for another's culture is also one of the most important moments. When you enter the temple, be sure to remove your shoes. Wear socks, since the foot should be closed. It is considered a bad form to show something or someone with a foot. This is rudeness. You can not touch the head of an Asian. This prohibition can not be violated, since this will be considered an insult. Remember that you are in a foreign country. It is important to show respect for another's religion, as well as everything connected with it. If you do not offend the culture in which the Thais live, then this people will be very hospitable. Thus, you will leave in memory only pleasant memories.

Pattaya The Sanctuary of Truth

It is worth while, while visiting Thailand, to visit Nong Nooch Tropical Garden. It has amazing beauty orchid park, elephant farm, butterfly garden, the elephant show, as well as a cactus garden. Impressive of its colorful fullness. By the way, photos can be made very bright and diverse.

Pattaya Nong Nooch Tropical Garden

One of the most interesting and amazing places is a crocodile farm. It is located in the park petrified trees. You will be surprised how contrasted here are the manners of the behavior of various predatory animals. Crocodiles here are well-trained. Patience is given to the predator with great difficulty, that involuntarily it becomes pitiful for the animal. Under the strict supervision of the instructors can make bright images, thereby obtaining a thrill. So unique is this farm that such an extraordinary service is offered to tourists.

Pattaya Alcazar Cabaret show

About massage and SPA salons

Pattaya is also famous for its miraculous and wellness massage and spa treatments.
In the Asian countries, the healing effects of massage and meditation have always been valuable. Therefore, massage in salons begins with a greeting. Then follows a relaxing meditation. Tradition of Thai masters is the washing of hands in front of the client before a massage. Relaxation is given not only by the massage itself, but also by sensual aromas of essential oils. If they enter the body, and allow fascinating forgotten by all the fuss.

Pattaya SPA and Massage
The massage procedure begins with a stop. On the foot there are a lot of active points, so the connoisseurs of this, Thai massage therapists, know very well how to influence them favorably. Their hands are so prepared and are turned out, it was a matter of respect to the work of the masseur and understanding that this work is very hard. Therefore, it is not superfluous to call it a certain attraction.

Pattaya Central Festival shopping Mall

About discos and night clubs

Certainly, discos are the best place for young people. After enjoying the whole exotic day of Asia, visit this good place to have a rest at night and dissolve in the rhythms of dance. Disco - very funny and exhausting, in a pleasant sense of the word. They stretched until the morning. Excellent moments that last in unusual colors and lights. The most famous street is Walking Street, where a lot of bars, cafes and a variety of shows for adults.

Pattaya Walking Street