Koh Mak island - Palm Paradise

If you've ever dreamed of a paradise vacation, where peace is enveloped by a transparent veil and all the fuss does not matter, on Koh Mack you will get a full sense of incomparable pleasure.
The turquoise Gulf of Thailand, the shadows of palm trees, the jungle and the purest sandy beaches are the main attributes of the nut island. Koh Mak is not the most popular tourist oasis, so here is the place for those who appreciate a measured rest. Photo Koh Mak is one of the largest private islands in Thailand, whose lands are divided in the territory of the descendants of the Tavethikhun. Palian Tavetkhikun acquired coconut plantations from the Chinese politician Syaseng, and this plantations are still the main source of income for locals. At the end of the 19th century Palian had fully settled on the site of the Koh Chang archipelago with his big family, from that time on Koh Mak began to develop infrastructure. Ko Mak Wat (Temple) occupies a small territory, there are only a few Buddhist giants. The southern part of the island, where the temple is located, is an excellent view point from which you can admire Ao Nid Bay.
Photo Despite the fact that the island is sparsely populated everyone can find a suitable place for holiday. On Koh Mak island around 25 hotels with different rates and comfort level, budget bungalows that are located within walking distance from the beach, WI-FI, air conditioning. Connection with the mainland is carried out by the local post office, the police station provides security, and in case of injuries and other health related issues there is a hospital. In addition, one of the piers operates all year-round. Photo Activity on Koh Mak island. Here you can try to dive, go fishing or snorklling, swimming in the clear waters of the Gulf of Thailand and admiring wonderful underwater world. Along the beach you can swim in a kayak and you can spend evening at a nice local restaurant with traditional thai cuisine. But do not go deep into the jungle, the island inhabits several species of snakes, a meeting with which is not very desirable. The climate of the island, as well as the entire territory of Thailand, allows you to relax all year round, but there are still small seasonal differences. October - April is considered to be a cool period, but this is rather arbitrary, since the temperature is unlikely to drop below + 30 °, after which the summer comes and lasts until the end of June, followed by the rainy season. The water near the coast is also very warm and fluctuates within +26 +32 degrees. Photo In conclusion, I would like to add: if I visited any of the islands of the archipelago of Mu Koh Chang, I certainly want to return and catch this incomparable sense of absolute tranquility and bliss, which is inaccessible in the metropolis.