Koh Kood – Romantic island

Koh Kood This is one of the most beautiful islands in the Gulf of Thailand, with lush tropical forests, pristine blue sea and white sand beaches. Where in the sky felt freedom in the air felt serenity and unforgettable romantic sunsets. Photo This island has preserved its natural beauty and strikingly different from many other islands of today not only in Thailand, as the island is now becoming more and more similar to megacities, with a highly developed infrastructure, large buildings, cars and traffic jam. But Koh Kood island, like "The Mysterious Island" from the picture, living in our childhood memories of pirates and treasure.
Photo This wonderful island is in 6 hours drive east of Bangkok, and 5 hours from "restless" Pattaya in Trat province, near the border of Cambodia. Also Koh Kood is gradually becoming more and more popular among travelers going to travel to Koh Chang island. Photo Indigenous population of the island is two thousand people, and considering that the area of ​​the island is 131 square kilometers, it is the most sparsely populated island in Thailand. However, this in no way affects the quality of service in hotels and guest amenities. Quite the contrary, many tourists intentionally come to Koh Kood to feel traditional Thai hospitality, friendliness and relaxed atmosphere. Photo Travelers with children feel special comfort and serenity family holiday as the island has no nightlife, bars along the streets with the "red lights" and idly walking members of sexual minorities. Photo Despite the small population, the island has everything you need for sustenance: police station, hospital, electricity, schools, repair shops, good concreting main road motorbike rental items, established a daily boat service to the mainland, and visitors can take advantage of numerous speedboats for trip to the "mainland", or the neighboring islands. Many tourists visited the Maldives in amazement noted some similarities lush tropical vegetation, white sands and clear sea of Koh Kood island with the Maldives, whence came the saying that "Koh Kood - is Thailand Maldives".