Koh Mak Beaches

Ao Kao Beach

Ao Kao Beach is the most popular beach on Koh Mak with most hotels resorts along this beach. Length of the The Ao Kao Beach about 5 km long, you will find a lot of nice spots here. From Ao Kao Beach, you can enjoy nice sun-sets and a view to Koh Rayang Nai and Koh Rayang Nok which lie just a little way offshore, You can easily get on the kayak.
On the beach of Ao Kao there are more than 10 hotels including Ao Kao White Sand Beach Koh Mak, Makathanee Resort Koh Mak, Baan Koh Mak Resort, Sky Beach Resort Koh Mak, Holiday Beach Resort Koh Mak


Ao Suan Yai Beach

Located on the north west coast, Ao Suan Yai Beach is a long stretch of pristine and beautiful beach with clear blue waters. There are just four resorts, the Koh Mak Resort, Seavana Resort, Happy Days and Islanda Resort Hotel Koh Mak which stretch along the the beach.
In the center of the beach is a pier on which arrival and departure for Panan Speedboats coming from the mainland and speedboat coming from Koh Chang, Koh Wai or Koh Kood.


Ao Tan Beach

At Ao Tan Beach beach you'll find the The Cinnamon Art Resort & Spa Koh Mak. This beach is quite lonely, but this is what some people are looking for. It is not a beach where you would swim, but here you can enjoy a peaceful and lonely environment.


Ao Nid Bay

Ao Nid serves as the administrative centre and its long concrete pier is used by Boonsiri Catamaran, Suansuk Speedboat and Seatales Speedboat.