Mobile Internet and mobile Communications in Thailand

Going to Tailland, a lot of you think about how to stay in touch. It's very simple, you need to buy a sim card in Tailland and use local communication. Even if at first you think that you will not call anyone, we will tell you several reasons why it should be done and spend only 49 baht (minimum) for SIM included unlimited Internet package and voice calls from 200 to 600 baht

Five reasons to buy a Thai sim card

  • Access to the Internet Due to a good coverage, you will have cheap and high-quality access to the Internet in any part of Thailand, you do not need to look for a WiFi, a cafe with free WIFi. You will have your stable and fast access!
    For communication with family and friends, it will be very, very comfortable.
    And of course, the most interesting - unlimited access to social networks to publish photos online! Not only photos, online broadcasts can be easily.
  • Cheap calls to Russia Available calls to Russia, developed IP-telephony allows you to call to Russia at a price of 3-7 baht per minute. In comparison with the price of calls from Russia or roaming included, it's just a penny.
  • Cheap calls to local area Calls inside Thailand costs an average of 1 baht per minute. If you Top-up the account for only 50-100 baht, this sum will be enough for you for all holiday.
  • Low price of sim cards The Thai sim cards – the cheapest in South East Asia. Cost - 50/100 baht depending on type of the card and the operator, you can make calls so far there is a balance on the account.
  • An opportunity to be in touch with the friends and with the company, as we control all your transfers, hotels, excursions and other. The most obvious and the main. Local sim card – ideal option. You not only will be able to make calls, but also to be in touch with friends, relatives or colleagues. Besides, calling by using special programs messengers (Skype, WhatsApp, Viber) you will spend less money.

We buy the Thai sim card

There are three Mobile operators in Thailand: DTAC, AIS and True. What operator to choose? there is no basic difference between them, the cost of calls and the Internet are almost identical. From our experience we recommend to take Dtac or AIS

AIS Dtac True

Where to buy sim card

  • Suvarnabhumi Airport 2 floor, arrival zone, near an exit 7
  • Don Mueang Airport arrival zone, between the 1 and 2 terminal
  • Phuket Airport the terminal 2, opposite to an arrival exit
  • 7 Eleven
  • Familу Mart
  • Shopping Malls
  • Official mobile shops

Telephone numbers in Thailand start with the number "0", the mobile number is always indicated on the package of the local card. For calls within Thialand, you can dial in this format. To receive calls and messages from other countries, the digit "0" should be replaced by the international code +66. It looks like this:
086 9900 704 щк +66 86 9900 704
However, inside Thailand you can dial through the code +66 it does not affect the cost of the call

Important information !
  • for registration of the SIM card from 2017 you must have a passport with you

Dialing through IP-telephony

For calls via IP-telephony, you need to use the special code of your operator, for example: instead of +7 you need to dial 009 7, i.e. Instead of the + sign, you need to dial 009, in this case it is the AIS.

  • AIS - Code IP-telephony 003
  • Dtac - Code IP-telephony 004
  • True - Code IP-telephony 006

How to check the balance of your local sim card

  • AIS * 121 #
  • Dtac * 101 #
  • True * 123 #

Show your Thai number

  • AIS * 545 #
  • Dtac * 102 #
  • True * 933 #

Tariffs on the Internet

OperatorPricePeriodSpeedConnection code
AIS150 THB7 days4Mbps*777*7154#
AIS450 THB30 days4Mbps*777*7155#
AIS189 THB7 days6Mbps*777*7210#
AIS550 THB30 days6Mbps*777*7211#
AIS1.500 THB30 days300Mbps*777*7156#
Dtac169 THB7 days4Mbps*104*78*9#
Dtac649 THB30 days4Mbps*104*98*9#
Dtac249 THB7 days10Mbps*104*79*9#
True150 THB7 days4Mbps*900*1975#
True450 THB30 days4Mbps*900*1976#