Payment options

Payment by Bank card

We offer the most convenient way to pay for today, cards Visa, Master Card and AMEX, the method of payment is absolutely safe and supports 3D Secure.
After you confirm the booking, we will send you the link to pay via secure connection (SSL) https on the payment server ThaiEPay.

Step one Step One

The first step is to register with the system, please fill in all compulsory fields marked with an asterisk. If you already use our services, just log in.

Need to fill in the fields below, in Latin letters

Next step

Select type of card and proceed.

Next step

Now you should enter Credit Card data - name, owner's name, card number, card expiration date, CVV code, name of the Bank issuing your card.

After you fill out all required fields and clicking "Submit", you will be redirected to a page of your Bank where you need to request a one-time password sent out by your bank to your phone via SMS, after entering the password transfer will be successfully registered.

Payment by bank transfer to an account at a Thai bank.

For those who are comfortable, this type of payment, we will send all the necessary details along with the invoice to your email. With this method of payment, you must send a copy of the payment order, the period of receipt of money can go up to 5 working days.

IMPORTANT! The amount in the invoice does not include banking and other fees. All costs associated with the transfer of funds through the bank (including commissions of correspondent banks) carries the payer.

Payment in the 7-11 shops.

This type of payment will be useful to those who are already in Thailand. You can pay for the invoice in any shop 7-11. Invoice for payment we will send to your email, you will need to print the received bill and show your cashier at the 7-11 shop (can show on your smartphone), after payment, you will receive a receipt which you must save.

IMPORTANT! When this method of payment, the total amount is increased by 4% (cash payment fee).

Payment in cash in Koh Chang and Koh Kood offices.