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Koh Mak

If you have ever dreamed of a paradise vacation, where peace is enveloped by a transparent veil and all the fuss is no longer important, you will get a full sense of unmatched pleasure on Koh Mak.
The turquoise of the Gulf of Thailand, the shadows of palm trees, the jungle and the purest Sandy beaches are the main attributes of the nut island. Koh Mak is not the most popular tourist oasis, therefore here is the place for those who appreciate a measured rest.
Koh Mak is one of the largest private islands in Thailand, the lands of which are divided on the territory of descendants of noble nobleman Tavetkhikun. read more >>

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On this site you can book almost any hotel on the island Koh Mak . Koh Mak Island can offer you accommodation for any budget, from five-star hotels, to simple resorts with bungalows by the sea. The most of the hotels in Koh Mak are located on the first beach line and apart from this, they are not separated from the beach by road, such as Phuket or Samui . The
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