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Koh Chang, Koh Chang (in translation from Thai "Ko-island" and "Chang-Elephant", the island of Elephant) is the second largest island in Thailand (Phuket is larger than Koh Chang), about 30 kilometers from the north on south and 18 kilometers from east to west. Koh Chang Island is located in the province of Trat, about 330 kilometers east of the capital of Thailand, Bangkok, 80 km from the border with Cambodia.
The landscape of the island is mountainous, the base of the island is granite, the estimated age of which is 200 million years. 80 percent of the territory and to this day remain untouched, covered with tropical jungles, which mostly occupy the entire central part of the island. read more >>

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Most of the hotels in Koh Chang are located on the first beach line and apart from this, they are not separated from the beach by road, such as Phuket or Samui . The
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