Frequently asked questions

To book a hotel you need to send your request by filling out the booking form. After receiving your application, our operators will reply within 2-24 hours to your email or phone. If the selected hotel has available rooms for booking, you will be asked to confirm the reservation.
The second way to book - is to write to us on e-mail names of the selected hotels, room types and dates of your stay, this method will be useful in planning your full trip.

Need to send a letter specifying the date, the route, type of transport, how many persons. Within 24 hours our operators will answer. Tip: if you book our hotels along the route, the transfer will be discounted.

Our company has direct contracts with hotels, so we can provide more flexible conditions and low prices for accommodation. Booking and other online resources are usual travel agencies, only with the possibility of online booking, they are called "Online Travel Agency", shortly - OTA. These companies have huge labor costs, advertising and marketing costs, which leads to higher prices.

Golden Sand Co., Ltd. - Thai official company, a legal entity that has Licenses for the implementation of tourism services in Thailand.
The main and solid guarantee of obtaining the services of our company booking hotels, transfers and other services - is receiving payment through a payment gateway for Visa / MasterCard. We do not accept payment by simple bank transfer to private bank accounts, only the official payment gateway, for which the company is being thoroughly checked. This kind of payment gives the guarantee against fraud because it uses 3D -Secure card protection and confirms that you have paid a particular company for specific services.

Payment by Visa/ Master cards through the payment gateway of Thai Kasikorn Bank. To issue an invoice, you need (only) the last name and first name of the cardholder, from which the payment will be made. Payment is made by yourself, only after passing 3D-Secure card protection when payment is requested to confirm the password from your bank, and only after receiving the SMS with password from your Bank it will be possible to pay.

You can pay for the transfer by cash on arrival to a representative of our company or in one of the offices in Pattaya or Koh Chang island, when you book Hotel with us. When booking only transfer services, it is necessary to make a prepayment by credit card or cash in the office before the trip. Transfer services are not available without prepayment.

All our payments are made only after having passed 3D Secure protection, - this is an additional level of card protection, developed for the Visa system. It allows to identify the authenticity of the card holder and to minimize the risk of card fraud. We do not get any numbers, passwords, codes and other SVV your card, because after the registration in the system to continue payment process you will be automatically transferred to a secure connection.

To confirm your reservation need to make payment. Our Company has financial responsibility for all our reservations. The amount of Deposit depends on the period of stay, Hotels Policy and tariff rate.

Yes, we have a front office in Pattaya and Koh Chang. Addresses are on the Contact page.

After payment, you will receive vouchers of booking confirmation and paid services. When you Сheck In at the hotel/transfers only our voucher is enough, this is the document confirming your reservation. The vouchers specify all details of your reservation, include Company stamp, Directors signature and contact information.

Receiving vouchers from the Booking/Agoda often on the vouchers have the amount paid or the amount you need to pay upon Check-In. This is necessary if you must still pay for the hotel upon check-in. In our vouchers there are no sums, as you do not need to pay anything at the hotel upon check-in. For example, when make reservation in, you send the data of your card to the Booking, but Booking does not withdraw money, but transfers the data of your card to the Hotel and Hotel blocks/withdraw money from your card.

We offer discounts for transfers subject to made Hotel reservation at the destination. Significant savings!
Does not apply when booking one night at the destination.

By default, all prices listed on the site include taxes and service charges. Please consider this fact when comparing with other resources. At Agoda, for example, the final amount of the stay will be shown after confirmation of reservation.

Prices on the hotel page are per room, NOT per person. The number of people allowed to stay in the room is indicated next to the price.

Yes, you can cancel your booking in the period from 14-30 days prior to arrival. For each hotel has a different cancellation terms, please contact us before booking. Exception - payment at non-refundable rate is charges for the full price, you can not cancel or refund.

The difference in the possibility of cancellation of booking. If you are not sure about the dates of the trip, then you can book the hotel with the possibility of cancellation, if the travel dates are already known, then we recommend booking at a non-refundable rate, this is the most favorable rate, real savings!

Yes, in case of cancellation, we refund the full amount of payment, minus 500 baht (Bank commission)

The process of refund of payment and transfer of funds to the customer's account, as a rule, takes up to 10 working days from the date of application to the Bank. Please note that some banks may delay this process for up to 15-30 days or even until the next billing cycle. The refund amount will be converted to your local currency by your Bank.

Yes. However, please note that you will need to scan the passport of the cardholder, and we can contact you for security purposes when making a booking for a third party.

The booking process takes time to process, confirm, pay and issue documents. The possibility of urgent booking depends on the level of complexity, volume and time of application.

Hotels are not sales the whole rooms online. Hotels put some part of their rooms to online agencies, some to the Agencies in the field, some are direct sales from the reception. Hotel management allocates a number of rooms on the basis of contracts.

We are a legal entity, the official company of Thailand and we work on the basis of direct contracts with hotels. Hotels often give us the best deals on the basis of our long-term cooperation.

We are always open for dialog. Our prices are negotiated and discussed, everything is decided in an individual order. We adhere to a flexible pricing policy and appreciate our loyal clients.

Islands Tour booking

If your travel dates are already known and you have chosen a hotel, it is better to book in advance, it is possible for 3-7 months. In any case, if your trip is canceled, you can cancel the tour 14 days before the trip begins. When making reservation upon arrival in Pattaya, you will have the option to choose a tour only to those hotels that will be available for booking at this time.

You can order a tour by sending an e-mail, and if you are already in Pattaya, you can come to our office

Yes, you can extend, if room available and have seats for the transfer. We recommend taking more nights at once, as according to statistics 90% of tourists want to extend but there is already no possibility. Two islands Tour - to extend your stay on the first island is practically not possible.