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Customers' trust is our main profit.

From year to year our clients come back to spend their holidays in the Land of smiles.
They come back, like old friends, who will be kindly greeted after a long absence.
We do not pursue the quantity, mass and scale, losing the uniqueness and depersonalizing tourists.

We know and remember all our tourists

We know their preferences and desires, we know what they liked during their holidays, and what not. After all, we keep close contact with the hotels and transportation companies throughout their vacation and movement.
Not intrusively, not bothering or burdening, imperceptibly and sensitively our employees take care of you, our dear customers.
The policy and philosophy of our company is the constant control, responsibility and personal interest of all employees throughout tourists holidays, at every stage, in any matter.

In our work, the highest priority is you

If you came to us for the first time and are considering whether it is worth contacting our company, then we are ready to tell you what exactly our customers get by choosing us:

Recommendations and advice on the choice of hotels.

Our Thai staff personally contact the hotel reservation department in Thailand. Are there any building work, whether a special building or room is needed, as well as any other customer questions about the hotel. The answers we get directly from the hotel.
Many hotels prefer not to put all their rooms in the online agencies such as Booking, Agoda, Hotels etc.
After all, everyone knows that Booking and Agoda (they have one owner - American Jay Scott Walker), and Hotels are the same travel agencies, they just get reservations online. Hotels can not give all their sales only in one hand, for example, Booking (Agoda), as any successful entrepreneur knows that you can not "put all your eggs in one basket". 
Therefore, hotels put some part of their rooms to online agencies, some to the Agencies in the field, some are direct sales from the reception. Why do we explain this? This is the answer to the question of tourists passing by, who doubt our answer, that we have rooms in the right hotel for their dates, and in the online space they are not available. After all, only Hotel Management personally decides to whom he will sell available rooms.

Our prices are lower than on Booking (Agoda) or other resources.

You can always compare prices for hotels in the online space.
Often mistaken by tourists looking statements price on the main page of Booking (Agoda) Hotel’s as the final rate will be displayed only when you press the "Book Now".
You need to check all the details: dates of stay (often the dates automatically change), whether breakfast is included, whether all taxes are included, room category
It's no secret that there is such a thing - "Hurry up! The last room on your dates is left! "
Practice shows that this is a trick of marketing online resources, which prompts to a quick purchase, fast booking, often at a non-refundable rate, simply there are no other methods of influencing an online tourist.
In contrast to such methods of competition, our company does not use this dishonest trick.
We talk with the hotel, ask Hotel to confirm availability of the room we are interested in, and in case the tourist is interested, but needs time to make a decision, we ask the hotel to hold (lock) the room for a day or two or longer (depending on the period). If this is not the New Year period, the hotel will gladly hold rooms for our tourists.
During this time, we negotiate all details of reservation and the tourists have time to think, check, consult and make a decision.
Well, of course, our prices are negotiated and discussed, we always ready to offer the most favorable price.
Everyone knows that hotels often have different kinds of promotions: earlier booking, bonus nights, discounts for long-term accommodation, etc.– our employees are always up to date with the latest promotions, as the hotels are interested in their sales and keep in close touch with us in order to increase the occupancy of their hotel.

Flexible payment system

We accept payment by cards through a secure Thai payment system, the payment is made by the customer personally, using a 3D card protection that eliminates all kinds of online fraud.
All transactions are official, which are fixed in your bank and our Thai Bank. The Bank has recorded all the details, indicate specific services, their cost, to whom and when the payment was made, all this - a security guarantee for the client, because you can sue and show all the evidence on payment.
But how unprotected those tourists who trust and transfers money just from the card to private card … in this case, if it's a fraudster, a tourist will lose money, spoil the holiday and long-awaited vacation for himself and his family.
If for any reason you need to cancel the booking, your deposit will be returned to your card quickly and without delay, just your written notice.
It is more convenient for some of our customers to use bank transfer, - they receive an invoice for the transfer on the same day.

Discounts for transfer

There are companies that are engaged only in transportation, others are engaged only in excursions, Booking (Agoda) - only hotels. Our company offers a range of services to save your time and budget. We will offer you the best logistics and the only convenient and comfortable way to travel around the country.
If you booked a hotel with us, then you get a transfer at a low price, as the main priority for us - this is your vacation, nice hotel, comfortable room, and transfer - it's just an additional service that we are not trying to earn something - it's just a way to reliably, safely and comfortably transport you to a tropical paradise 

Excursions, photo sessions, celebrations and entertainments.

For many years working in the service sector, we observe how numerous "one-day" companies open and close, their flights and falls, the thirst for easy money and irresponsibility, incompetence and lack of foresight… but there are companies that do not chase the easy money, they build their company and work from the heart, invest their soul, strive for honest, long and hard work to build a reliable, strong and successful business.
We work only with trusted and responsible partners, after all, our clients stand behind us, whose interests become our interests for us, because we build our future, take care of the present, and do not forget our past.


+66 86 9900 704; +66 97 272 0007
+66 86 9900 704; +66 97 272 0007
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Golden Sand Co., Ltd - a licensed Thai Tourist Company provides a full range of services for your Holidays in all regions of Thailand.

Our services

  • Booking hotels Hotel reservations. Most advantageous suggestions, flexible pricing, direct contracts with hotels;
  • Transfers Transfers to any destination from a meeting at the airport and to the airport. Land, air and sea transfers to Thailand;
  • Excursions and Entertainment All popular sightseeing and entertainment in Thailand, deals with complex bookings;
  • Personal approach individual routes to Thailand, exclusive custom solutions. Solo travelers - our specialty;
  • Celebrations and Holidays Our special offer for honeymooners and anniversaries;
  • MICE Corporate leisure, conference.

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