The Land of Smiles

Low prices
We work directly with all hotels and can control the cost of the room. Therefore, we always have favorable offers for all destinations.
Real feedback
We publish only real reviews of our travelers. Our VKontakte / Facebook groups help us keep abreast of the events and work of the company from real people.
Flexible payment
Several payment methods. You can pay for the reservation immediately, we support most of the bank cards, and you can part the card and part - cash on arrival.
Support 24/7
Operators will help with the choice of the hotel and booking. If the questions arise on the trip, the operator will be in touch and help resolve any issues.
Excursions and entertainments
We can organize almost all tours of Thailand, choosing excellent service and competitive prices.
Transfer discounts
We have a special price for transfers when booking hotels, and in some cases for our customers the transfer is a gift. Booking hotels at a bargain price, you still save on transfers, advantageously doubly!

Popular destinations

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Koh Chang
Koh Chang - the second largest island of Thailand, located in the province of Trat, about 330 kilometers east of the capital of Thailand, Bangkok, 80 km from the border with Cambodia. Read more
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Pattaya - alive. This is the dynamic, bustling and never sleeping city in Thailand. Pattaya can fall in love for life, it can ...Read more
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Koh Kood
Koh Kood - is one of the most beautiful islands of the Gulf of Thailand, with lush tropical forests, pure azure sea and white sand beaches. Read more
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Samet Island (Koh Samet) - a small island in the Thai province of Rayong area of about 5 square kilometers, located in the Gulf of Thailand. Island ...Read more
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Koh Mak
Koh Mak is one of the largest private islands in Thailand, the land is divided into the territory of the descendants of ..Read more